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Welcome to Knit Concern Group

With a mission of providing very high quality knit apparel to the international market, Knit Concern Group emerged in 1990 and has started manufacturing and exporting since 1992.

Having  all vertical setups as a full knit project situated in a single 18 acre premise, it is the country’s one of the few elite private sector business groups which not only serves the international buyers with the height of professionalism but also contributes in terms of wealth, Welfare and Eco-friendliness to its homeland. One of the top taxpayers in the country, Knit Concern is now employing about 12,500 people.

In short, top class human resource, cutting-edge technology, production capacity, efficiency and unique organizational dexterity to quickly respond to the changes in design  and style in the international apparel markets have steadily brought forward Knit Concern as a new frontline player in the global apparel market.

Today, Knit Concern produces and exports about 150,000 pieces of knit apparel and 25,000 pieces of lingerie of latest quality and design every day.