Child Labour Policy

Knit Concern is committed to prohibit child labour in any post at any department and section. So, legally no child is recruited in this organization.

Definition of Age wise Worker:

According to Bangladesh Labour law 2006 (Amendment 2013):

  • Child: Those who do not crossed 14 years, are considered as child.
  • Juvenile: Those who crossed 14 years but do not crossed 18 years are considered as juvenile.
  • Adult: Those who crossed 18 years, are considered as adult.

Age Verification:

  • Primarily investigated by Supervisor/ Incharge.
  • Verify by the Compliance/ H.R Officer according to essential documents related to age justification.
  • If any doubt raised then send to factory’s Medical officer for final age verification.

Remediate accidental recruitment of underage labor/Child labour

Despite of above mentioned procedures if any child labour recruited and found then following steps are taken:

  • After discharging the child worker, a letter is issued towards the parents of that child worker describing that his child will be recruited again as a juvenile worker when the child reached juvenile period.
  • The following child’s parents will get the same wages until he reaches to juvenile period as he got while recruitment, but condition applies-
    • The child must be studying at school.
    • The child must not be used for earning.
    • The parents of that child must not remain unemployed.