Compensation and Benefit Policy

Knit Concern group offers at least lowest total wages, benefits and other payments according to local law.

According to the conditions of recruitment or law, any types of payments payable prior to complete are defined by the factory as wages. Other non financial benefits such as Dormitory facility, supplied light, Mineral water, medical facility, transport facility and other non defined facilities are not included in wages.

Payment of wages: Wages paid to the workers within 07 working days of every month.

Wages and Benefits: Minimum grade wise Wages are paid according to Bangladesh Labour Law 2006 (Including 2013 Amendment). All payments and benefits like wages, OT, increment, attendance bonus etc. are paid and calculated according to Government rules and Bangladesh Labour Law 2006.

This organization pays wages and other benefits in following way:

Total wages:

  • Basic
  • House Rent
  • Medical Allowance
  • Transport
  • Food Allowance(Not applicable for Textile)

Overtime: This organization follows Overtime Policy for payments.