Recruitment Policy

Knit Concern Group determined about anti harassment, anti discrimination and anti partiality on recruitment.

Anti discrimination Policy: On recruitment process this organization does not differentiate between- community/ non community, religion, complexion, Male/ Female, relative/ no relative, married/ unmarried, age etc. Only skill and ability is considered for recruitment.

Anti harassment Policy: No harassment is tolerated on recruitment process. Such as; humiliating and unwanted words/ unacceptable behavior, threatening approach etc. are strictly prohibited.

No Force Labour: Any kind of forceful behavior on recruitment and workplace are totally prohibited.

Anti pregnancy test Policy: Any kind of diagnosis on pregnancy check and even asking about pregnancy is not allowed.

Child Labour Policy: According to local policy child (Under 14 years) recruitment is totally prohibited. If any child found in the organization then the matter handled by company’s Child labour policy.

Juvenile Worker: According to Bangladesh Lobour Law 2006, (Act 34-43) there is a chance to recruit juvenile worker (Over 14 years but under 18 years) by giving special benefits. But this company appoints 16 to 18 years aged workers according to local law by fulfilling all types of benefits.

Candidate’s preliminary criteria: Candidate must have to be citizen of Bangladesh, fit both physically and mentally. An adult with educational qualification and working skill is needed in some cases.

Appointment Letter: New worker get their appointment letter within (07) working day. Workers whom are not educated have to inform all the information listed in the appointment letter. There are number of information found in the appointment letter such as: designation, joining date, salary and benefits, apprenticeship period, conditions while discharging from authority and workers end, leave and other benefits, and other types of internal rules and regulations conferred upon a worker after taking appointment letter from company.